"this soak was christened Houston's Soak, the recipient accepted the honor gracefully".
Idriess Ion. L.   Lasseter's Last Ride, 16.

Located somewhere on the upper reaches of the Dashwood Creek, possibly between Mount Ziel and Mount Heughlin and named on 28/07/30 by Coote after Captain Blakiston Houston in recognition of the Aide de Camps ability to rough it and work hard, "he could swing a pick and shovel like a diploma-ed navvy". The sandy bed of the creek had been tossed up by brumbies pawing for water with some success. According to Coote, with three feet of digging Freddy Colson was standing in a pool of muddy water, "we of the city wondered".

Within ten minutes the water became crystal clear and, "it tasted good too", in a couple of hours Blakeley, Sutherland and Colson had dug out and timbered the soak while the Captain and Mick cut and carried logs. the men had fond memories of Houston's Soak, for the duration of the expedition it proved to be one of the few reliable water supplies between Illbilla and Pantas Well.


R.Ross. 1999-2006

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