"Or look for a hill named Centre Mount Fire, situated on the lake:".


The location of Centre Mount Fire remains a mystery and there is nothing higher on Lake Christopher than the vegetation. The Mount was Bob Buck's last checkpoint in Philip Taylor's letter of instruction in the search for Harold Lasseter or his reef. There is sound evidence that Lasseter reached the Lake in late November or early December 1930, Buck of course had no need to travel so far west, he found Lasseter's body nearly 150 miles further east at Winters Glen on 29/03/31.

Buck's detailed instructions regarding Lake Christopher make quaint reading, "at this lake look either in the centre one of three fires which are reported to be kept burning there. Or look for a hill named Centre Mount Fire, situated on the Lake: Should you discover nothing spend a reasonable amount of time searching the neighbourhood for tracks etc. and should you be unsuccessful return without delay, but make quite sure that Lasseter is not about before you return."

A slight change of name to Mount Centre Fire shows nothing on maps old or new and gazetteers and Google do not know the place, but it does bring to mind Lasseter's story to Coote about Lake Christopher being the 'radial point' indicating the location of the reef. 


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