78. DIRECTORS of C.A.G.E..

"The Chairman announced that there would be no payments for Secretary or Directors. All work would be honorary".

John Bailey, The History of Lasseter's Reef. pg 2.

Errol Coote recorded a few brief notes on the inaugural meeting of the Central Australian Gold Exploration Company, held on Wednesday evening, 21/05/1930, it was a bumper affair, where John Bailey announced that "The Directors and Secretary will not accept any payment for their services", Bailey's grandiose statement was greeted with noisy enthusiasm and Coote was moved to write, What a big-hearted lot of Australians at the helm!, Idriess emphasised the apparent generosity of spirit and optimism that motivated the Board as an outstanding feature of the Company.

There are a few vague references to Fred Blakeley's city friend, Malcolm Stanley, (who encouraged Blakeley to write Dream Millions), being on the Board of Directors for a short while between the First and Second Expeditions. Stanley may have temporarily filled the vacancy left by John Jenkins who had decided to try his luck gold mining in Western Australia. Stanley was uncomfortable with his involvement in the Company and probably resigned his position as soon as Leslie G. Bridge took firm control of the next stage of the Company's operations, the Second C.A.G.E. Expedition. Apart from the Bailey's, Blakeley does not mention any other Directors of the Company by name, always referring to them as the Sydney Crowd, notorious for their interference and confusion.

The original Directors of the Central Australian Gold Exploration Company as named by Bailey and Coote were, 

John Bailey, Chairman, President Central Branch A.W.U.

Thomas. P. Holloway, Vice President A.W.U. The sharp edge to Baileys blunt political cudgel.

David Yaffa, Proprietor, Yaffa Syndicate, a successful printing, publishing, news and press agency.

William, J. S. Carroll, Independent means. Possibly involved with managing small gold mines in North East Victoria.

William. H. Couldwell, Accountant.

John Jenkins, Mining Secretary, A.W.U. Apparently resigned as a Director to prospect and mine gold in Western Australia.

Horace Paine, "of the Meat abattoirs", and known to Fred Blakeley. Lasseter named Paine's Pass in the Cleland Hills after Paine.

Ernest H. Bailey, Secretary to C.A.G.E. John Baileys son, occasionally and incorrectly named as Secretary of the Central Branch of the A.W.U.




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