Tuesday, 19/08/30.

Another early start and there's good cheer in the camp this morning, breakfast is interrupted by the arrival of Rip van looking for a handout and leaving with the scraps in his hat and on his head.....Sutherland!!!. The smoke signals go up as soon as the truck gets under way, they tell Blakeley nothing.

Good travelling on stony ground which soon gives way to giant spinifex, the tussocks build up under the truck's differential and drag the low slung vehicle to a stop, many times, it's a brute of a job digging out the sand welded mass of spiky vegetation. Better progress is made when the spinifex becomes so dense that the Thornycroft travels comfortably on top of the flattened tussocks, Blakeley reckons it the smoothest part of the journey so far.

The leader and his prospector offsider notice a distinct change in the geology of the country...for the first time slate appears,  just where Lasseter said it should! Interest quickens and quartz and ironstone specimens are collected for dollying at the nights camp. The Expedition moves through mineralised country prospecting as they go but not finding anything to hold their interest.

Good progress comes to an end late afternoon in a maze of sand hillocks, that great walker Blakeley takes a water bag and explores ahead on foot but without luck. He can look forward to plenty of walking tomorrow

Taylor is chef for the night, it's his first attempt and it's pretty good, compliments all round. And something that would interest Lasseter, seeing as how he reckons he designed it, the two half spans of the Sydney Harbour Bridge are joined at 10.00pm this evening.