Sunday, 24/08/30.

Blakeley and Lasseter leave camp at 6.30 and get to the eastern side of Mount Marjorie by eight. The dangerous climb almost leads to a disaster and they retreat, try again from the west and scramble to the summit in time for a noon sighting and Lasseter to show his expertise with the sextant.

To Blakeley's dismay Lasseter announces the Expedition is 150 miles too far north, Blakeley not knowing much about sextants loudly voices his doubts on Lasseter's competence with the thing, besides there has been some 22 expeditions to the Petermanns and not enough gold found to plate a pin. Lasseter reinforces his claims by producing a tattered map with landmarks confirming the location of the reef. With monumental self control Blakeley points out that 150 south is about the middle of the South West Aboriginal Reserve and they DON'T HAVE PERMITS!! and he will not presume on his already beleaguered brother!!!.

If Lasseter wants to travel south then he had better return to Alice Springs and get official permission and for a lot of other reasons that might not be a bad idea thinks Blakeley. Lasseter fervently hopes Johns and the camels have arrived at Illbilla, he cannot return to Alice Springs and risk exposure. But for the moment he must let Blakeley think his is the right course of action while insisting his reef is in the Petermanns.

They return to camp down the south side of the mountain and it is extremely rough going, finding two Aboriginal graves on the way, Blakeley contemplates a third but pushes on sensing many watching eyes. Taylor meets the weary travellers on the track with the water bag, a mighty thoughtful action thinks Blakeley, he turns in early, very troubled, although he is quite certain Lasseter's story is nonsense there seems to be an indefinite something missing from the plot, perhaps he's not asking the right questions.

Lasseter interrupts Blakeley's musings, he has lost the page from the notebook where he recorded today's sextant readings, does he remember the figures, of course not, yet earlier in the day Lasseter recalled the figures were the same as those left in the bank vault back in Sydney?! . He decides he will have to climb some high point tomorrow and take a new set of readings, so what was the point of today's trek thinks Blakeley, seems the little blighter is stalling for time but why is a mystery. Sleep comes late.