Tuesday, 16/09/30.

The Expedition can't move until Freddy Colson (who is having a difficult time of it) turns up with the oil for the Thornycroft, hopefully tomorrow. meanwhile.....

The Sandhill men and two boys from 31st August return to the camp and the morning is spent in an earnest attempt to communicate, finally with some small progress but it would be easier if Blakeley got rid of  his ridiculous preconceptions about Aboriginals.

Later in the day the Sandhill men approach the camp and with much ceremony present Blakeley and Sutherland with gifts, a churinga for Blakeley, a very precious stone knife for Sutherland and nothing for Taylor except a great speech, Blakeley deduces that it will be Taylor's turn tonight.

Just at tea time one of the Sandhill men approaches the camp and makes it perfectly clear that Taylor should follow him south into the nearby hills for some mysterious reason, suitably armed Taylor obliges and returns an hour or so later with a very strange object, a long thin board covered in strange symbols and designs, it dawns on Blakeley that this is a very special artefact, to that time probably a dozen whitefellows had seen a sandhill god and this young Englishman has just been given one, gods aside, the artefact is a kulpidgi and none of them will ever appreciate it's significance.

Pastor Albrecht leaves Hermannsburg this morning on his western desert trip. Now that's interesting, the Pastor heading west and north and Johns and Lasseter intending to head south east for the moment, wonder if their paths cross?

Lasseter and Johns get as far as the turn off to the south, while setting up camp Freddy Colson arrives and camps with them for the night.