Friday, 19/09/30.

The battered Thornycroft starts the day with a very noticeable knocking, big end troubles looming decides Taylor, he had better fix it now while camped, repairs take two hours and more bearing metal than Taylor would care to use considering stocks.  They push on to as close as possible to the base of Mount Liebig, set up camp and spend an enjoyable afternoon climbing about the mountain, if Blakeley had binoculars he may be able to see five camels grazing about Putardi.

Coote leaves Parafield Airport flying the modified Golden Quest II via Port Augusta, enroute the plane develops a severe fuel leak, the fumes making the pilot queasy, he safely lands in Marree and promptly keels over, violently ill.

Lasseter and Johns spend the day at Putardi, recuperating and repairing the camel packs, the equipment is quite dilapidated. That afternoon they bury supplies then move south during the cool of the evening.

Colson is having a memorable return journey, the wind seems to have exposed  every mulga root and corduroy stake along the track and the tyres are finding all of them, he spends much time clearing the road on foot and calculating his supply of patches and rubber solution, hopes it doesn't get down to boot leather and spinifex resin.