Friday, 01/08/30.

Colson, Coote and the Captain leave Dashwood Creek at daybreak, during the long journey east the worldly wise Captain regales the travellers with tales of cock-fighting in Ireland and treks in the Himalayas. A brief stop is made at Pantas Well searching for the missing camera but without luck, they push on to Alice Springs arriving at the Telegraph Station at 6 p.m. and town 15 minutes later. Colson quickly tracks down the necessary spares at Windles garage and Coote makes arrangements to fly to Ai-Ai Creek in the morning.

Blakeley and Sutherland prospect along the creek for minerals and water but have no luck, Blakeley decides to name the watercourse after the clever young mechanic. Work continues on the landing ground, clearing the umbrella mulga proves a difficult task until Mickey solves the problem by digging down to the roots and cutting out the trees from there. The tiny airstrip slowly takes shape.

The Captain comfortably sets up in the Stuart Arms and makes arrangements to spend the rest of his leave in civilisation at Love's Creek, running his expert eye over the local horses.

Meanwhile, a little over 150 miles to the S.S.W. of Ai-Ai Creek the vehicle part of the Terry team arrives at the base of Ayers Rock and of all things discover the dray tracks made by Gosse's expedition in July 1873, they also find the McKay buggy tracks from his 1926 expedition. Terry has some satisfaction in being the first to get a motor vehicle to the Rock, not bad for a main roads explorer but Idriess will never acknowledge that achievement.

There are no signs of Aboriginals about and after a circuit of the monolith set up camp at Maggie Springs preparing to wait a day or so for the camel string, not surprising Colson, Bird and the humps arrive later that night, confirming Terry's hopes that trucks and camels can combine for an effective exploration team, mind you Colson and Bird are very steady fellows.