Saturday, 02/08/30.

Coote and Colson haul the Golden Quest out of the Government Resident's yard and into Hartley Street, Carrington firmly reminds the flaky showoff that there will be no more ariel stunts in his town!!. Coote lands at the airfield and takes on fuel and the spare parts and the overloaded plane takes off mid morning, it is Freddy Colson's first flight and he has his socks handy.

Freddy's flight is not a pleasant experience and he makes unintended use of his spare socks, he is rendered useless as Coote's navigator. The pilot makes a creditable job of locating the airstrip early afternoon, with no help from the errant smoke signals he makes a tight landing nearly running out of cleared ground. Colson is prostate for the rest of the day.

Taylor and Sutherland soon have Sunrise repaired and work continues on the obviously inadequate airstrip. That evening Blakeley reads over contradictory instructions from the Sydney crowd and bemoans their ignorance of the conditions that the expedition is labouring under. The men retire early anticipating a busy day tomorrow.

At the Rock, Michael Terry and his mates have a day of 'make and mend' and  idle exploration of the awesome spectacle and refine plans for the Petermanns, so far it all goes well but none of these experienced bushmen will  take anything for granted.