Tuesday, 05/08/30.

Morning in a sea of sandhills and Blakeley tries a new tack in extricating the expedition, spoon drains are dug and filled with spinifex, it's a lengthy job but the vehicles make progress. Blakeley spends much time searching for the camel pad and checking a way through the sand dunes. Naturally Colson rediscovers the tracks and a one pound note for his efforts, an amazing find considering the isolation, looks like Buck is a quid short in his pay. Oddly enough the find starts a vigorous political argument between Coote and Sutherland, Coote of course is a confirmed Langite.

Terry and Williams churn along in the reliable old Morris truck, occasionally stopping to prospect the few low hills and ridges, late in the day they run into a dense forest of desert oaks, it's an unusual gloomy drive, the track softened by the thick carpet of leaves, they camp on the western edge that night, a good days progress.