Thursday, 07/08/30.

The tired men rise and breakfast early while Blakeley and Coote check ahead on foot searching for the airstip at Illbilla, they discover it within a mile of last nights camp and find the McKay encampment in good condition and Coote finds the frame of a Douglas motorbike, the engine being used to power McKay's radio. The rest of the men and vehicles are called on and soon settled into a comfortable camp.

Illbilla waterhole is located and it's a very ordinary water supply, severely depleted by Ali Mohamets numerous camels and the McKay expedition, Blakeley is quite unaware that the water caused two cases of dysentery in the McKay expedition, but then the all-knowing and expert C.A.G.E. leader didn't bother to check with McKay on conditions at Illbilla. Terry did.

Arrangements are made for the 'Big Push' somewhere to the west, despite the agreement back in Sydney Lasseter has still not disclosed the exact location of the reef, you would think that Blakeley would call his bluff by now. An early lunch is called and Coote and Colson leave shortly after for Ai-Ai Creek, plans being for Coote to return within three days flying the Golden Quest and Colson to carry on to Alice springs for more supplies and mail.

Speaking of mail, Lasseter pens a letter to his lawyer, (how can Harry afford a lawyer and why does he need one?) complaining that due to Blakeley's poor leadership he is seventy miles of his course but fails to mention in which direction, a problem that could be easily resolved by heading the 'Big Push' in that direction when the times comes.

Taylor starts extensive repairs on the battered Thornycroft and after tea he and Lasseter persevere with the radio but with no luck, Blakeley thinks that might not be a bad thing, he has some misgivings about Coote, Lasseter and that radio.