Friday, 08/08/30.

A leisurely start to the day at Illbilla, Taylor continues repairs and modifications to the Thornycroft and Blakeley sets the first batch of yeast bread, why this hasn't been regular fare rather than damper is a mystery. Water from the slowly making waterhole is collected and the men enjoy a good wash, a luxury for Taylor who endures an irritating mix of sand and grease.

Meanwhile Colson and Coote battle their way through the backward facing scrub from the outward track, making slow progress . The spinifex hummocks make for a particularly bumpy journey, they discuss the feasibility of concrete roads, there being plenty of sand about. inevitably a mulga branch stakes the radiator and it is dark before repairs are made, camp is called, they should reach Ai-Ai Creek and the plane tomorrow-Coote hopes, his three day deadline to return to Illbilla is running out.

Night at Illbilla and it is an anxious camp waiting for Coote, Blakeley is starting to regret the loose arrangements and Taylor spends hours playing the powerful searchlight over the plains and mountains hoping to attract some signal from Coote if he has been forced down, they wonder what the Aboriginal make of the searchlight, nothing good no doubt.