Sunday, 10/08/30.

Freddy Colson continues the tiresome journey to Alice Springs, it is a particularly painful trip for Coote and Freddy takes to discordant singing to keep himself awake, it works for Coote too, they stop at four in the morning for a cuppa.

The rescue team sets off at daybreak, stopping mid morning for breakfast and another cleanup from last nights cuts and bruises, they arrive at Ai-Ai Creek mid afternoon, fearing the worst until Colson's note is found. Blakeley is not surprised.

About now the exhausted Colson and Coote arrive at the Telegraph Station and collect their mail and shortly after pull up to the Australian Inland Mission hostel, their arrival interrupts the Sunday cricket match and a crowd gathers. Coote sends telegrams to Civil Aviation and the Baileys explaining the situation and ever the journalist pens an article for the Evening News, the dolt has no sense of propriety!!.