Saturday, 23/08/30.

The Expedition rises to smoke signals and the sun well up. After breakfast all hands unload the Thornycroft and Taylor sets about repairing the damage from yesterdays scramble. Sutherland and Blakeley take the opportunity to explore the swamp further on foot and are impressed with it's extent and enjoy another wash-up. This is the first time the Expedition camps on a waterhole.

Taylor has repairs completed by late lunch and the Expedition gets underway, very little progress is made through the broken country and there is the real risk of causing more serious damage to the already battered truck. Blakeley calls it a day, deciding he and Lasseter will walk to Mount Marjorie tomorrow.

It's not a pleasant camp with wind driven sand, thorn ridden and cold, they retire early, all looking forward to Lasseter's big test tomorrow.