Sunday, 31/08/30.

Coote and Hall in Alice Springs repairing the G.G.II in Windles Garage using spare parts from the wreck in the Police yard. Coote on his feet in a fashion

The C.A.G.E. field crew return to Illbilla and find all intact, settle in to wait for the new plane, the airstrip is prepared and marker fires set up.

Rip van is waiting for them but keeps peering anxiously to the west as if  he's expecting unwelcome visitors.

Rip van leaves hurriedly, Bubbles and Charlie and the Sandhill men arrive. They hang around for a few hours, casually inspecting the whitefellas then move off to the waterhole. both sides are entirely alien to each other.

Mid afternoon Paul Johns, Rolf Entata and another Aboriginal helper arrive, on their way back to Hermannsburg, been out dogging. It's visiting day at Illbilla right enough. Lasseter breathes a sigh of relief, his escape clause has arrived.