Monday, 01/12/30.

the Illbilla petrol party, Taylor and Johns, arrive at Hermannsburg at 9.30 and commence repacking all the stores and purchase additional supplies, also make new camel hobble straps, such is the condition of Johns outfit. Mail arrives for Taylor from Bob Bucks station and heavy rain forces the men to overnight at the Mission.

Meanwhile nearly three hundred miles to the west south west Michael Terry and his mates are having their share of camel problems, one of the cunning Lambinna beasts has broken a hobble strap and lead the rest of the mob east. Mick has them rounded up and in camp by 10.00, then off searching for water near Mount West. Very hazy day with light scudding rain, difficult to make out Mount Aloysius about 15 miles to the W.N.W.

Terry and Bird away on the truck at 1.00 and make 8 miles towards the Mount and pitch camp, Bird immediately out and about prospecting. All men and camels on camp at 6.30p.m. all's well and watered.