Wednesday, 09/07/30.


Scullin takes over as well as Prime Minister!! , anything to make sure Joe Lyons doesn't get the job, and Scullin will be quite incapable of handling both portfolios and his first budget is unfriendly, sales tax amongst many other imposts introduced. The Government is six and a half million pounds in debt and will have to find a loan of seven million, faint hope considering the country's credit rating.

Preparations continue with the Terry expedition , the Morris is well overhauled, petrol tank removed, wheels greased etc. all loaded up. 

Now that is a hell of a way to start the best organised and equipped expedition to Central Australia, Blakeley and Sutherland miss the train out of Sydney by half an hour, the Captain snorts and makes his own arrangements for Alice Springs and Lasseter choofs off aboard the Thornycroft. utter embarrassment. 

Things start to stir over the "armed to the teeth", remark made by Bailey a couple of days ago.

And naming Lake MacKay is now in the hands of the bureaucrats, there are now three of them who want to make sure that the giant lake has not previously been discovered and already named, says something about the mapping of central Australia.