Thursday, 10/07/30.

Michael Terry and mates in Alice Springs complete work on the 1928 Morris truck and picks up Miners Right number 568, as well as the all important licence to employ Aboriginals. Has a quick chat to Carrington and out of town by 11.30. all going according to plan with the Endeavour company's expedition west. Camp at Deep Well for the night.

Civil Aviation replies to Ern Bailey's letter of the 2nd re the purchase of the Golden Quest, it's quite unclear to them as to who owns the plane, Wedgwood, Barlow or C.A.G.E. ? , please complete the enclosed registration forms and note the Air Navigation Regulations re flying unregistered aircraft ! those cowboys Ulm and Coote are bound to ignore this one. Poor old Colonel Brinsmead is going to have a difficult time of it cleaning up Australia's airways, it's chaos out there, and he must do something to pre-empt those fools making plans to fly under the Sydney Harbour Bridge when completed.

All in all, not a good day for the Bailey's or C.A.G.E. Terry is already in the field. Theodore, formerly a very powerful friend in Government, forced to resign in disgrace, their aircraft is unregistered and the pilot unlicensed, Blakeley and Sutherland have missed the train to Broken Hill. and the pot is really starting to boil over John Bailey's unwise firearms remarks last Monday. 

Arthur Blakeley has decided to do nothing about naming Lake MacKay after the explorer until the expeditions maps and reports are to hand, sounds almost like blackmail, but that wont hurry MacKay or Bennett up, the map will be drawn accurately.