Saturday, 12/07/30.

Lasseter and the truck arrive in Broken Hill, 9 o'clock this morning and he has an immediate problem, the South Australian Government has not granted any concessions on their rail line to Quorn and Harry can't drive a motor vehicle, he manages to hire a local driver this afternoon.

Coote and Ern Bailey fly the unregistered Golden Quest to Moree to follow up a lead re a Northern Territory gold prospect, forced to land at Newcastle to repair a leaking fuel pump and later in the day land in the wrong town, Muswellbrook.

The Endeavour team check over the Morris and garner local knowledge regarding conditions out west, there is very little hard information, much of it is hearsay and imagination and there are persistent stories about the wild myalls in the Petermanns, the men laugh, they've heard it all before.

Lasseter's letter to the Sydney Morning Herald is published, the reason the CAGE team needs firearms as per Coote's list is a delightfully oddball explanation 'wild dogs are reliably reported to have killed two injured and helpless men'