Saturday, 19/07/30.

Coote leaves Mascot at midday flying the unregistered Golden Quest, heading for Parkes where he intends to pick up Taylor, poor flying conditions over the Blue Mountains but lands safely mid afternoon, met by Taylor and Spicer the local Atlantic Union fuel representative, they are sponsoring the expedition. Stays overnight.

Blakeley, Sutherland and Lasseter continue the tiresome journey north, the primitive couplings between the rolling stock mean constantly checking the loads, the haul through the Depot Sandhills is testing, there is little sleep and catering is basic. They arrive in Alice Springs late in the day, quite unnoticed and set up camp behind the Stuart Arms Hotel. Lasseter makes a very noticeable faux pas, he doesn't realise the Telegraph Station is some four miles north of town!.

Blakiston-Houston overnights in Adelaide, guest of the Governor no less.

Terry and Williams arrive at Murra Turra mid day, the outpost of Empire! Meet Syd Staines and his nephew, Louis Bailey (absolutely no connection to the Sydney lot) mustering the last of a drought ridden herd. They purchase slabs of fresh corned beef at sixpence a pound and enjoy young Bailey's company at camp that night, he will spend tomorrow with them going over local knowledge and ride into Erldunda on Monday, thinks nothing of it. Staines left by car this afternoon.