Monday, 21/07/30.

Coote and Taylor leave Broken Hill at 9.00a.m heading for Marree, turbulent wind conditions over the Flinders Ranges forcing Coote to climb to 7000 feet. They pick up the 'Ghan railway north of Beltana and follow the tracks north, the planes ground speed is reduced to 65 m.p.h. Coote lands in Marree's 'Ghantown and is saved from 'losing caste' by Freame the local postal official who sternly advises the fool of a pilot to park the plane on the race course and spend the night in town! It dawns on Coote that he has landed on the wrong side of the colour line and out here that is black and White!

Blakeley and his small disorganised team sort through the mountain of supplies and equipment with no clear idea of what they are doing and Lasseter has a problem with Freddy Colson, Harry has discovered that he is in the company of a widely travelled local and very competent bushman who has an unnerving habit of asking the wrong questions. Poor Fred Blakeley, he is frequently rushing off to answer demanding telegrams and contradictory instructions from the Sydney Crowd, plodder Fred does not handle the Bailey style of long distance management well.

Word has it that Lasseter went for a solitary walk tonight and met Walter Smith and made arrangements to hire two quiet riding camels, seems like Johns only has three and must be about town somewhere, Smith and his mate Sprigg agree to grubstake Lasseter and Johns with two camels and basic supplies for shares in the reef when found.

Louis Bailey gets away from Murra Turra about noon, the two older men will miss his company, smart kid. They top up with 28 gallons of water in three petrol drums and set off for Mount Connor, 25 miles away. Rawson's track and Bailey's alternatives turn to sand clogged drifts and the 60 foot rolls of coconut fibre matting are dragged into use, four miles for the afternoon, much of it in 15 yard increments.