Wednesday, 23/07/30.

All members of  the C.A.G.E. expedition in Alice Springs hard at work resorting and packing supplies under the Captain's expert direction, he impresses all with his good nature and ability, it goes smoothly for the first time and Colson's vehicles have never had such expert attention, the professional Philip Taylor, the 'new come ups' are making their mark.

Terry and Williams drive past Mount Connor mid morning and set up a substantial camp at Oneri Spring, about 3 miles S.S.W. good water... after the dead dingo has been bailed out. Slabs of Murra Turra beef are set out to dry and steady make and mend begins the wait for Colson and Bird with the camels. Flies are numerous, the weather overcast and the air damp which aggravates a couple of dodgy backs. The land is looking much better with parakeelya and munyeroo abundant.

Later in the day Coote lands the plane in the main street of Alice Springs for safe storage behind the Government Resident's office, Carrington takes a dim view of this foolhardy skylark and obvious publicity, there will be no more! What are those folding wings for!

And as expected news has arrived of the steady progress of the Michael Terry expedition, it has sent certain members of the C.A.G.E. party into a real tizz, Lasseter especially, he frets loudly over Terry getting to the reef first. Does this mean Lasseter's reef is somewhere in the Petermanns? if so why are G.A.G.E. starting from Alice Springs and not following Terry's tracks? the thought has crossed a few minds but they let it go, there are diverse reasons for being involved with this hapless circus, not the least being amusement and anecdote for years to come and C.A.G.E. are a welcome fillip to the local economy, the pub is well patronised and they are paying Fred Colson 3 quid a day for his services and two vehicles, still might be the best deal done by Blakeley on this venture.

Lasseter is still grumbling about Colson but it is a thin excuse and he is more or less excluded from the camaraderie in the rest of the party, he didn't help his standing by making some outrageous claims this evening, in front of a fair crowd and the A.I.M. Sisters he guarantees a 1000 donation to the Mission when the reef is found.  There are raised eyebrows and chortles in the crowd, Taylor is dismayed and sets off to warn Blakeley, he and Coote are considering Allchurch's recent destruction of Lasseter's veracity but they will have to wait out the next couple days for the final test. Taylor's news stirs Blakeley to action and he gives Lasseter a piece of his mind about making a fool of himself and the Company, of course it's too late for that. Blakeley prays to get out of Alice Springs tomorrow.