Friday, 25/07/30.

Three O'clock in the morning and few sleep in the C.A.G.E. camp, it is bitterly cold and most of the men are awake, disturbed by the under prepared stoking the fire to life, Coote is particularly noisy, confirming Colson's view of the fellow. Today he must show them the sense in placing mulga branches or spinifex under their camp stretchers to exclude the cold air.

George Sutherland is cook for the day and calls the men to an early breakfast of porridge, ham and eggs and toasted bakers bread, the vehicles move off at 7.30a.m and make good time to Hamilton Dam, arriving at 10.30. Blakeley is disappointed to find the water thick and muddy, he's beginning to regret not filling up at Pantas Well but they take on 40 gallons of the putrid liquid, it will do for the radiators and slopping up. Water is water out here.

Early afternoon sees the expedition close to Archie Giles station, Blakeley has permission from the Government Resident to hire an Aboriginal guide from Giles. The homestead is deserted and the men spend some time locating Giles who is several miles away watering drought affected stock. The C.A.G.E. expedition camps at the homestead and take on Micky as a guide, they spend an enjoyable night in Giles company.

Terry and Williams on light camp duties at Oneri Spring, their backs slowly improving and the smell of liniment heavy in the air, preparations are complete for the trek west and they wait the arrival of the camel team, perhaps in a couple of days.