Tuesday, 29/07/30.

Ted Colson, Bill Bird and Mick get away to a cold early start from Oneri Spring with the camel team, Terry and Williams somewhere in the sand hills between Mount Connor and Ayers Rock make an early start 'hunting switchbacks' as Williams puts it. Late in the afternoon with sandhills getting higher the Morris breaks a main leaf spring, an early camp is called and the damage repaired by last light, 28 miles travelled for the day and the 'Rock nowhere in sight, it's a sea of sand hills.

It's an odd sort of rest day at Houston's Soak on Dashwood Creek, the men clear a landing ground near the creek and leave a fuel dump for emergencies, there's plenty of camp duties with Taylor mechanicking and Sutherland baking and all washing again! The water is delicious. But Lasseter continues arguing over the Sydney Harbor Bridge and navigation, he is dismissed by all except Coote. The near useless radio adds to the bickering. Lasseter's credentials are looking thin.

Civil Aviation is getting testy and write to Ern Bailey, in short, complete the enclosed registration forms for VH-UMR. and no flying until said papers are received in this office!.

Freddy Colson has come to an unexpected conclusion, the two Poms, real new chums, are the best bushman of the lot in this odd outfit. Blakiston-Houston with a serene British view of things sees no obstacles, only inconveniences and dolts, in other circumstances he would not tolerate the latter. To Fred's mind there's no doubt who should be in charge of the expedition and the Captain can certainly rough it. And young Taylor is the quickest learner he has met in some time, you only have to tell him once, he asks smart questions and gently baits Lasseter.