Saturday, 01/11/30.

Coote, stranded five miles south west of Ayers Rock, waits out the day under the wing of the Golden Quest II, for breakfast a pint of tea, a slice of cake and an egg and another pint of tea that night. The fierce heat flattens the city boy and his day is plagued by ants. That night he fires three shots from his automatic to attract attention, being five miles from the Rock it's doubtful if anyone will hear him and he may attract the wrong attention.

It's late evening at Hermannsburg and Pastor Albrecht worries about Coote as per the arrangements made last week. The pilot was supposed to return to the Mission by sunset today, with Taylor, Coote's conflicting arrangements with Hienrich come to light and add to the Pastors dilemma. He decides to wait until Monday before reporting the idiot of a pilot missing, but starts preparations for a search nevertheless.

The Endeavour team busy preparing truck and camel loads for the trek west, Bailey cooking and shaping up very well Terry thinks, Colson repairing the camel saddles, Terry and Bird breaking down and weighing the loads, under a clear blue sky with a fierce burning sun as one should expect in a central Australian summer. Bridge after tea and Terry surprises himself, he and Colson beat Bird and Bailey by 600.