Wednesday, 01/10/30.


Blakeley and Sutherland with Freddy Colson driving and Rieff and mate bumping along in the back of Sunrise, leave Alice Springs at 11ish, Blakeley is pleased to be travelling a road vastly improved since his bike trip in 1908, the party overnights at Barrow Creek. 

A coolish morning and itís the end of the eleventh week out bush for the Terry crew since leaving Horseshoe Bend , a mongrel of a bumpy journey in the truck, Terry and Williams are barely able to sit down. Terry decides Larry the dog is a senseless willful cur and the hound will be left behind when they return to civilisation. 

Another financial embarrassment for the Government, they canít meet the promised pound for pound subsidy for the maintenance of the A. I. M. hostel  at Alice Springs, the locals have raised over 880 pounds and 450 quid is the best Treasury can do.