Thursday, 04/09/30.

The pilots warm up the Golden Quest II ready for the return to Alice Springs and take on last minute instructions including the mail and at the very last moment before takeoff and unbeknown to Blakeley, a letter from Lasseter to Edwards his lawyer stating that he has picked up his landmarks and flown over the reef. The plane arrives over Alice Springs three hours later and runs out of fuel, luckily they glide in for a safe landing in time for lunch at the Stuart Arms. Refuel the plane ready for an early start to Adelaide in the morning.

Back at Illbilla the heavily laden Thornycroft moves off within thirty minutes of the plane leaving. The Expedition first heads west around the northern Ehrenbergs then south through soft sand and treacherous salt bush plains, the short tough stems of the bush cause numerous punctures. A very tied crew retire early tonight.

Paul Johns settles into a very comfortable existence somewhere close to Illbilla, he must check the food dump tomorrow.