Friday, 05/09/30.

The C.A.G.E. team continues south west and Blakeley indulges Lasseter by doing a lot of walking so Harry can have a look at the country, They come to the place where Hall buzzed the Aboriginals from Wednesday. Blakeley roundly chastises Lasseter reminding him that if things go wrong they may need those Aboriginals. Blakeley thinks that some fools should never be let out bush.

On the way south Blakeley and Sutherland note a promising quartz outcrop that may be worth closer inspection on the way back to Illbilla, at this point in the Expeditions travels any mineral potential is worth investigation.

Johns, Rolfe and mate hang out close to Illbilla, the stores are inspected and some variety is added to the diet.

C.A.G.E. returns the airworthiness certificates for VH-UMR. That finally puts paid to any plans Coote had about rebuilding the plane. Both pilots roar out of town at daybreak in VH-UGX and overnight in Marree, Coote questions Hall closely on Lasseter's doings during the south west flight, Hall can only add that at about an hour out from Illbilla Lasseter became very excited about something he had sighted, what it was Hall didn't know or care, he just drives aeroplanes.