Saturday, 13/09/30.

The men are rudely awakened by Johns commanding them to put their hands up while idly playing with a revolver, he scares the daylights out of the men, Blakeley thinks it a hold up, (now that's taking bushranging to extremes). Wits recovered Blakeley gives Johns a dressing down and reminds the fool that if there were other choices he wouldn't be getting the job!!

They get to work drawing up an agreement between Johns and Lasseter, Harry wants i's dotted and t's crossed. Johns is signed on for two months as Lasseter's guide and assistant to the Petermanns, with the clear understanding that if he wants his contract renewed beyond that time he will have to go to Alice Springs to sign the papers. Blakeley being perfectly mindful of 'sit down' contracts.

Then five camel loads of supplies and water are prepared with much bickering between Blakeley and Lasseter as to what should be packed. It's not an easy choice, Johns camel team is a fairly ramshackle outfit. Blakeley decides time will have to be spent on repairs and collecting water from the shrinking spring, that will take a couple of days.

In the House of Representatives Arthur Blakeley is on notice again about his connections to the C.A.G.E. Company, Mr. White M.H.R. sniffing nepotism and corruption wants to know what Government assistance has been given to the Company and the relationships between the various executives and leaders of the Company. Blakeley's replies are suitably vague, free rail transport for one Thornycroft truck and four men from Quorn to Alice Springs and there have been no direct payments to any member of the Company or Expedition, which ignores the question. The Central Australian Gold Exploration Company is starting to haunt Blakeley.

Freddy Colson fires up Sunrise and leaves Alice Springs for Illbilla this morning but without the new tyres he was expecting, it could be a dodgy trip therefore, he stocks up with patches and rubber solution.