Sunday, 14/09/30.

The Expedition continues with preparations for Lasseter's south west foray, Blakeley has misgivings about this arrangement but what can he do, he can't arrest the fellow while he thinks he knows where the reef is. Lasseter hasn't admitted to fraud so he's free to go, despite reminders that he will be trespassing on the Aboriginal Reserve and it's something about the intended trespass that niggles Blakeley, can't put his finger on it though. Johns of course has long ignored boundaries to Aboriginal Reserves.

While Lasseter is sorting out his personal effects Blakeley takes the opportunity to seize the Captains book on navigation. Lasseter protests loudly and refuses to continue the search, this time Blakeley has him, as Harry is not taking the sextant with him he doesn't need the book of navigational tables, besides he recognised his landmarks on Halls flight didn't he? Lasseter's bluff is called, he can't return to Alice Springs, he'll surely land in jail. He has a stark choice find a gold reef  or disappear!.

Rolfe and his mate have left the party and are walking to Hermannsburg, they have figured out who is going to be riding the camels in the coming weeks and the Petermanns is definitely not their country. (why do I have this feeling Johns told them to nick off) The loads are rearranged and more water carried.