Wednesday, 17/09/30.

Colson waves his goodbyes to Lasseter and Johns, he continues to Illbilla, they turn south to the 'Low Bluff Hills' and Thoma's Reservoir and expect to get there there late this afternoon.

Blakeley re-examines Taylor's unusual gift this morning and decides the object is some sort of memory guide to the genealogy of the tribe, it's a magnificent memento.

While deciding how to pack it for safe transport to Alice Springs Colson arrives but can throw no light on the artefacts exact meaning. He does know of an Aboriginal in town who may be able to help. Colson needs a good feed and sleep and decides to overnight at Illbilla. He has no good news for Blakeley, apparently Lasseter has been in touch with Company headquarters seemingly through Coote and Edwards, the story has got around that Lasseter has found his reef.

And Blakeley tells Fred that's it mate, the Expedition is over and we're returning to Alice Springs.

Lasseter and Johns arrive at Thoma's Reservoir and find it bone dry, Johns is perplexed, the drought more severe than he expected. Lasseter is not impressed. They turn north east to Putardie Spring and camp that night near Mount Udor.