Friday, 26/09/30.

Lasseter and Johns and the cranky exhausted camels arrive at Mount Olga's water holes and set up camp for a couple of days. Johns is no wiser to Lasseter's plans but gets the impression they'll drift through the Petermanns and maybe stumble on a gold reef.

Blakeley Sutherland and Taylor continue another leisurely day at Houston's Soak and preparing the battered truck for an uncertain track tomorrow. The poor old Thornycroft, superb on London streets and English country roads has met it's match in the Australian outback.

In a monumental flash of commonsense, prompted by some broad suggestions from Carrington and Colson, Coote decides that he will make Charlotte Waters his main base in the search west for Lasseter, he plans accordingly  but at the dictate of the Railways schedule, the impatient journalist cum pilot has not yet come to grips with the pace of things in Central Australia.