Saturday, 27/09/30.

Blakeley and mates grind and knock away from Houston's Soak in the steadily disintegrating Thornycroft. Arrive at Archie Giles station and find the old man not at home, Blakeley leaves a note of thanks for Mickey's services and some empty petrol drums. Push on for the tank at Hamilton Downs where they picked up the forty gallons of soupy cow water at the start of the journey. They find two happy healthy families busily at work cleaning the silt out of the dried up dam.

Better track from Hamilton tank to Pantas Well, the Thornycroft averages 20 m.p.h. much to Taylor's relief he is able to operate in high gear and lessen the dreadful knocking in the engine. They arrive early and have another good washup and feed. Sutherland produces a very pleasant surprise, a bottle of 50 year old brandy.

Lasseter and Johns continue to rest at Mount Olga, it is Lasseter's fiftieth birthday, he doesn't have much cause to celebrate and is anxious to get away west tomorrow.

At Alice Springs Coote continues preparations in the search for Lasseter, after some indecision he decides on Ayers Rock as the base. But a start cannot be made until the expedition returns from Illbilla. The men are overdue and he decides to take the plane up tomorrow and search west along the track.