Monday, 29/09/30.

So the start of the working week in Alice Springs, Phil Taylor decides to remain with the Company...they have no choice and the pay is generous; Blakeley and Sutherland have a few days to lose until the next train south, but that's not a problem being camped behind the Stuart Arms. And after much flitting about Coote discards Charlotte Waters as a base and settles on the Alice Springs to Ayers Rock supply line in the search for Lasseter.

The Thornycroft clunks into the Police yard and the dismembered Golden Quest hauled aboard, it's a queer looking load but of some use, Taylor salvages much from the wreck for that fairly well used crate the Golden Quest ll, he intends to thoroughly overhaul the plane before he gets in it.

Coote firms up his plans, he'll send a camel team ahead to the rock with petrol and supplies and to establish a base and after a suitable lapse follow in the plane. He finds camels and camelmen suddenly scarce, the 'Ghans are working on the railway and have turned their now useless camels loose.