"The personnel of the expedition was practically duplicated".
Idriess, Lasseter's Last Ride 6. with reference to the first expedition.

For a well documented fact there is still confusion over the number of men on the first and second expeditions, for the record.

First Expedition. 24/07/30 to 28/09/30.

Blakeley, Fred. Leader.
Lasseter, Harold Bell. Guide.
Sutherland, George. Miner and Prospector.
Taylor, Philip L. Engineer/Driver.
Blakiston-Houston, John M. Explorer.
Coote, Errol H. Pilot.
Colson, Fred. Driver and Transport.
Micky. Aboriginal Guide.

Fred Colson was hired by Blakeley shortly after the C.A.G.E. team arrived in Alice Springs and Micky, the Aboriginal guide joined the expedition on 25/07/30. For a short time between Archie Giles station and Ai-Ai Creek there were eight men on the expedition, although Coote would remind the reader of Hell's Airport that not all of the men were shareholders in the Company.

By mid September the expedition had been reduced to four men when Paul Johns was hired by Blakeley to assist and guide Lasseter for two months from 13/09/30, the Company was not well represented in the field, just two men and one of them not a shareholder, a point conveniently ignored by Coote.

No doubt Pastor Albrecht from Hermannsburg was referring to the second expedition when he mentioned in his 1964 letter to the Lutheran Almanac that there were eleven men involved in the search for Lasseter's Reef.

Second Expedition. 14/08/31 to 26/11/31.

Buck, Bob.                            Leader.
Talbot, Henry W.B. Geologist
Blatchford, Torrington. Mining Surveyor.
Felton, William. Wireless Operator.
Cooper, Edwin C.G. Assistant Wireless Operator.
Brandon-Cremer, Ernest. Photographer.
Green, Francis. Prospector.
Worth, Percy. Cook.
Breadon, Johnson. Guide and Interpreter.
Paddy. Camel Driver.


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