"But the auxiliary truck could not do it. She stripped a pinion".
Idriess Ion. L, Lasseter's Last Ride 21. 


Due to Coote's inept transport arrangements in Sydney, Blakeley was forced to hire Fred Colson and his Chevrolet truck in Alice Springs to carry excess supplies and relay fuel to the expedition. Colson named his usually reliable vehicle Sunrise.

Sunrise came to grief at Ai Ai Creek, the truck severely damaged the differential when climbing the steep western bank of the creek and suffered the ignominy of being pushed off the track by the Thornycroft, and there it rested until Colson and Coote returned with the necessary spares. Repairs were quickly effected by Taylor and Colson, and thereafter Sunrise made several arduous but successful journeys between Alice Springs and Illbila.


R.Ross. 1999-2006

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