Thursday, 17/07/30.

Blakeley and Sutherland meet Lasseter in Quorn, (wonder what he's been up to for the last few days ?) Blakeley learns of an empty cattle train heading north, it will be a rough journey but will save two days on the schedule, which is a thin excuse for the hustle and bustle of reloading the Thornycroft after several days carousing in Broken Hill, and the schedule fell apart a fortnight ago when they first missed the train out of Sydney by half an hour, (my word - the Captain was frosty about that!)

With no sore heads, great enthusiasm and some regrets at farewelling the Elliot's, the Endeavour expedition gets underway, Ted Colson and the camels at 9 o'clock, heading for Erldunda 80 miles west and Terry and the two Bills motor off at 11'ish. It occurs to Terry that this may be the first time camels and a vehicle have combined in the search for gold, considering the men and preparations it will probably work, lets see. They catch up with Colson later in the day on the Finke River, Men, dog and loading shaking out nicely ... as one does with camels.