Tuesday, 01/07/30.


Archdale Parkhill starts asking awkward questions in parliament about the amount of financial assistance given to C.A.G.E. and who is running the company formed to search for Lasseter's reef. A defensive Arthur Blakeley replies that free transport for four men and a Thornycroft truck has been granted and his brother Fred is the leader of the expedition and Ern Bailey the secretary.

Central Australia's dingoes had better look to their ears from today, scalps are now worth seven shillings and sixpence a pair.

Les Holden and the Canberra return to Alice Springs from the Jervois Ranges and learn that McDonald the Stationmaster is seriously ill with appendicitis and he may not live unless he receives urgent medical attention. Davis and Fletcher, two of the passengers decide to remain in Alice Springs to make room for the patient and a nurse. Holden makes arrangements to fly to Port Augusta first thing tomorrow. 

That other notable pilot Kingsford Smith interviewed in New York where he outlines his plans to complete his around the world flight, Wednesday morning to Chicago, Thursday onto Salt Lake City, Oakland on Friday, Saturday to San Francisco. Accolades from Lindbergh.