Monday, 01/09/30.

Looks like Coote and Hall will be ready to fly to Illbilla tomorrow, repairs completed to the plane. Hall has enjoyed his introduction to Alice Springs.

Paul Johns and his helpers get to know the C.A.G.E. team and Blakeley makes a proposition about hanging around Illbilla for a while, his services may be required pending the outcome of a journey to the south west and a reconnaissance by the plane in the next few days. Johns agrees eying off the generous supplies. They entertain the men to some fine gospel singing that evening.

Now here's a fellow the Expedition should have signed up, Ben Nicker picks up miners right No. 600 this morning, (a pen chuckle, Alice Springs jumps when Ben's in town), and on reflection probably not, too smart and too much man for Blakeley and Co. He inspects the Golden Quest and sees the possibilities and runs an eye over Coote and reconsiders, perhaps they're mismatched, later around at the Stuart Arms, bloody near chokes on his beer as he recalls Coote's getup. This should be fun.