Sunday, 28/09/30.

Lasseter and Johns set off for the Petermanns this morning. Lasseter has now committed himself and Johns is mighty curious as to where all this may lead, not to any gold reef he feels reasonably  sure, no matter as long as he is paid but he'll think very carefully about renewing the contract, Lasseter is a cranky irascible boss.

Blakeley and his mates make a leisurely start from Pantas Well, providing the truck holds together they may be in Alice Springs by midday.

Later in the morning Coote with young Stan Cawood as his passenger spot the Thornycroft, making good time. Coote circles and returns to wait for the men. After nine grueling weeks the expedition returns to Alice Springs.

Coote arrives at the Post Office just as the men finish reading their mail Greetings between Blakeley and Coote are cool. Coote is armed with instructions from the Sydney Crowd and his appointment as manager of C.A.G.E. affairs in Central Australia.

After a memorable lunch at Colson's, (Coote is not invited) Blakeley and the men report to the Government Resident and the Police re events out west, Carrington is most interested, Lasseter and Johns travelling into the Petermanns without permits to enter Aboriginal land.??!. Lasseter's Tin Trunk is handed over to the police. Taylor's strange gift from Illbilla is removed from the Thornycroft and stored in the ceiling of Colson's garage, arrangements have been made for a knowledgeable Aboriginal to enlighten the men on the meaning of the object.